Our services are holistic and we aim to cover all of the main personal financial planning issues that clients face. These services include tax solutions, investment ideas, retirement planning and mortgages. Where we are unable to provide an in-house solution we will work with third party specialists such as solicitors and accountants to provide what is required for our clients.

Financial Planning

Lanner Capital was formed to provide thoughtful solutions to our clients' complex situations and circumstances. Our financial planning process helps our clients outline their financial issues and identify their risk profile. At the same time, it provides for establishing our clients' objectives, determining their priorities and goals. Ideally, this process reviews all aspects of our clients' financial position. The conclusion of this planning process is for us to be able to design and implement financial and investment strategies which meet our clients' needs and goals. We then monitor these to ensure they continually meet the agreed objectives.

Please note: Not all the services we offer are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Lanner excels in finding and analysing investments which are not correlated with mainstream markets and this has been reflected in a resilient portfolio performance though the financial cycle. I would not hesitate to recommend them as a first rate wealth manager.


Our clients have a diverse range of goals and objectives, which means that we cater for a broad range of people who have differing investment attitudes. Our aim is to provide a flexible and proactive service that meets the needs of clients who are at different stages of their lives. Whether we're concentrating on wealth creation or preservation, we have a number of ways in which to work with clients in order to achieve their goals. We adopt a multi-asset class approach to achieve short, medium and long-term investment goals, including capital protection, capital growth or income generation. We would look at both standard and alternative investments and would only recommend a company or fund which we have carried out intensive due diligence on.

We provide 3 types of investment services:

We will work with a client to form a structured and diversified portfolio, based upon current objectives, attitude to risk, and time horizons. Our advice will focus on identifying a variety of different funds that will vary across asset classes and manager, as well as passive and active management.

Adopting a discretionary approach means that, having agreed the strategy a client wants to follow, we delegate the day-to-day investment decisions relating to a portfolio to a third party specialist. Our role is to manage the relationship with the chosen manager, and to make sure that they are meeting the agreed financial and risk parameters as agreed with the client under the terms of the discretionary mandate.

Execution only
We can provide an execution-only service, undertaking the execution of our client's instructions to buy or sell any particular investment.

Please note: Not all the services we offer are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Chris has acted as my financial adviser since Lanner was formed and has provided excellent advice on investments across a broad spectrum of asset classes and investment strategies. The advice is always clear, thoughtful and patient; pricing is competitive and transparent.


Lanner Capital works directly with its sister company Fundu Limited to provide lending and finance solutions to individuals, companies and investment funds. They aim to facilitate cost effective, innovative lending solutions by utilising our wide range of banking relationships. Fundu Limited is independent and have access to the whole of the mortgage market.

The basic types of lending, fixed, variable and tracker mortgages are sourced by Fundu’s live online sourcing software, which is capable of identifying the most up-to-date mortgage products available. They work closely with a variety of mortgage and loan providers, many of who we know well and with whom we work regularly. They are therefore familiar with their general terms and conditions. These may be either the large UK commercial banks, Offshore Private Banks or Investment Banks. Often our clients will require specific terms to suit their particular needs, which lenders would not normally offer, but which requires Fundu Limited to negotiate specially.

Fundu Limited can assist our clients with all types of real estate lending, either for personal use or as an investment asset providing a steady fixed income to complement their other investments. Some examples are:

  • UK, European and Worldwide residential purchases or re-financing
  • UK and overseas commercial investment purchases and refinancing options
  • Development funding for residential/commercial/mixed use
  • Mortgages to permit equity release
  • Foreign or multi currency mortgages

Please note: Not all the services we offer are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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Tax Planning
Our clients operate in both single and multiple tax jurisdictions. They require solutions and investment products which are tax efficient and legally compliant. We focus our tax planning advice on the particular circumstances of each of our clients and on their long term objectives. Thoughtful tax planning is often at the heart of the wealth advice we offer and we work closely with different investment providers as well as, where appropriate, law firms and tax accountants who can render suitable opinions for more complex situations.

Solutions may come from Government sponsored schemes, or through the use of individual tax efficient investment structures, or by using certain jurisdictions which offer more favourable tax treatment.

Retirement Planning
We advise clients on putting in place a long term retirement planning strategy that is designed to meet long term objectives and lifestyle aspirations. Changes in life, the financial markets or legislation can affect any retirement strategy at any time. We therefore make sure that a client's approach continues to be relevant until retirement or when circumstances change.

As part of the advice process we will review a client's existing pension and retirement arrangements and will determine any changes that should be made within the overall scope of the wealth picture. We will also determine the level of future contributions relative to other needs and current income, and assess how much income is needed in retirement, which will determine the level of investment needed today and on an ongoing basis. Tax efficiency, risk tolerances and the correct pension and investment providers also form key components of our processes.

A client's retirement jurisdiction also needs to be taken into account. For many clients, the long term intention is to retire outside of the UK, which means that consideration needs to be given to the most efficient way of taking retirement benefits in the future.

Protection & Death Planning
We also offer advice on a number of different insurance solutions including term assurance, critical illness cover and income protection. This would be one of the areas we would discuss with our clients to ensure they are aware of possible risks and to cover any eventualities they feel are important to them and their families.

Will writing and inheritance tax planning are also areas we can discuss if required.

Please note: Not all the services we offer are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Having a complex set of pensions and investments from various stages of employment and self-employment it was refreshing to meet a set of advisors who were able to take the time to evaluate and propose safe but innovative bespoke options, and at fair and reasonable fees. I expect to have a continued and long relationship with Lanner Capital as my circumstances change.


Our initial meeting with you will enable us to understand your requirements, discuss strategies and possible ways to proceed if appropriate for both parties. For this there is no fee or obligation.

Consultancy work is undertaken on a fee basis either at an hourly rate or at a fixed fee, agreed in advance.

Details of our fee structure are outlined in our Terms of Business which is available upon request.

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